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Monday, 30 May 2016

Luke Akehurst going round with his begging bowl.

Luke Akehurst for Labour NEC says Luke Akehurst

Luke Akehurst. Standing for election to NEC

Luke Akehutst, firmly clutching his begging bowl, wandering around the pages of social media, (and elsewhere no doubt), seeking donations to support his campaign for a place on the Labour party National Executive. This duplicitous individual should have been expelled from the Labour Party months ago, rather than now seeking election to the NEC.
Akehurst you will recall, agitated against Jeremy Corbyn during the leadership election ,with smears and distortions, urging members to vote for anyone except Corbyn, and is a typical example of the rotten rump within the Labour Party who, despite all the evidence to the contrary, clings to the delusion that Labour should seek a return to the Blairite policies of the discredited “New Labour”
Not that that in itself is justification for expulsion. The actions of Akehurst and his few supporters since even before the leadership campaign of last year, have brought the party into disrepute with his smearing interventions and his frequent briefings to the media, designed to undermine the leadership. Now, this scurrilous creature has the audacity to come round, bleating for contributions to his cause.
Akehurst will get no contribution from me.

Except perhaps a suggestion that he join another party and take his begging bowl with him.