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Monday, 23 May 2016

New Agenda on Sunday. is out! Edition of 22 May 2016

Good morning everyone.

Photo of Seafish Cafe

We are now back in the United Kingdom, after a delightful 6 days in Jersey. A bonus on this trip was the discovery of a new (for us) restaurant in St Aubin called the “Sea fish”. Not particularly original for “chips and fish” shop, but the food was sensational. I have posted a review on “Trip Advisor”, if you wish to look.

It seems that Condor is considering buying a “new” ship. What is not clear is whether this addition to the ferry operators fleet will be a replacement for the £50 million white elephant “Liberation” or an additional means of transport between the Channel Islands and the mainland. However we should not get too excited. Paul Luxon, who took over as chief executive at the start of this month, said that any purchase of a new vessel would not happen any time soon.

The loss of EgyptAir flight MS 804 has dominated the media over the past few days. I have always been concerned at the way in which the media and television invariably assemble a panel of “experts” then proceed to produce numerous explanations of as to the cause of the crash. Until such time as FACTS emerge from the story and, (if they are found) the "black boxes" reveal their information from the flight deck and from the flight data, the press and media generally should refrain from almost hysterical speculation and report what is actually known.

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Some media comment emerged at the State opening of Parliament this week, when Jeremy Corbyn seemed to ignore David Cameron’s attempt at conversation, or perhaps some quip designed as a joke, as the pair led most of the MP’s to the House of Lords for the Queens speech. Contrary to what some MP's (on both sides of the House) may believe, Parliament should not be some kind of exclusive club where members can pass the time sipping Napoleon brandy and cracking jokes between some "exchanges" across the floor in the Commons.
The real Labour party its MP's and its supporters have nothing in common with the former Bullingdon Club cadre and their sycophantic groupies, so we would have little if anything to say to them anyway

"Britain’s new aircraft carriers 'enough to battle ISIS and scare off Vladimir Putin" screams the headline in one of our national daily’s. Presumably, these carriers will be even more fearsome when this wretched austerity obsessed government find enough spare cash to buy some aircraft for them. An aircraft carrier with no aircraft is almost as frightening as a pub with no beer !
Not much change in the weather here. Sunshine, showers and getting colder. (Is it really almost June? 6 months gone already.)

Have a nice week