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Monday, 30 May 2016

The knives are out for Cameron,

Tory MPs escalate party turmoil with open call for Cameron to quit

At least this article quotes real people as named sources, rather than being completely reliant on "a senior figure" or sources close to" or any of the other concocted "evidence" which this and other newspapers and television spew out when attacking (or smearing) the Labour party and its leadership. If Cameron were to be deposed and removed from the Premiership, then the country would gain a great benefit from the subsequent brawling within an even more fragmented Conservative party with the numerous factions scrambling for the "top job".

It may even lead to the House of Commons, forcing a bill through through Parliament to hold an early general election in accordance with Section 2 of the "Fixed Term Parliaments Act".
It certainly appears that Cameron is finished as both leader of the Conservative party and as  Prime Minister, regardless of the outcome of the referendum. It is just a matter of time.