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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Another shabby anti Labour "story" from the Guardian

Sadiq Khan widens rift with Corbyn over Labour's 'pick sides' strategy. says the Guardian

The Guardian continues its squalid anti Labour party leadership campaign, with another "story",seeking this time, to drive wedges between the new Mayor of London and the Labour party leadership.

Heather Stewart

Cobbling together a few dregs of information, adding a large helping of personal opinion and throwing in a bucketful of political bias, Heather Stewart manages to write an "article" which sadly has become the norm for a once responsible newspaper. The Guardian and its "journalists" have been intent on bashing the Labour party since the summer of last year. This constant barrage of criticism, smear and mischievousness, will no doubt go on in the hope that the leadership will ultimately be replaced by another regime, more in line with Blair is established . It should be remembered that the Guardian supported Cooper and Kendall in the leadership election, and also joined the "anyone but Corbyn" clique. In the objective of removing Corbyn,and restoring a more Blairite leadership, the Guardian and its "journalists" will be defeated and very disappointed.

The Labour party of today will not allow the hypocrites, liars and mountebanks to gain control of our party.