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Saturday, 28 May 2016

The "punishment" does not fit the crime

Driver who paralysed sisters in crash is jailed for four and a half years

Katrina (L) and Karlina Raiba, aged five and eight, who were left paralysed after Andrew Nay smashed his company 4x4 into their father’s car during a road rage chase.
Katrina (L) and Karlina Raiba

Only a four year and six months sentence for a horrendous crime. The criminal, Andrew Nay, will probably be released in two years time to resume a relatively normal life. The two girls involved, Katrina and Karlina Raiba, now aged eight and six, will endure their injuries every hour of every day for the remainder of their lives. Another example of how there is little justice in many of our courts. If we no room in our prisons to keep such people off our roads, build more prisons.

Andrew Nay

Andrew Nay should spend the rest of his natural life in custody.