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Friday, 6 May 2016

Labour vote holds well in England, despite what some in the PLP have been predicting.

Jeremy Corbyn defies critics with Labour set to hold its ground in England

The losses at last nights elections are not as significant for the Labour party as Mann, Cooper, Hunt, Hodge and a few others within the Parliamentary Labour Party, have been plotting and wishing for since the summer of last year. They, aided and encouraged by sections of the media, have been waging the most vitriolic and abusive campaign against the leadership of the Labour party with the objective of removing Jeremy Corbyn and those who support him. In this objective they have clearly failed, as by their own measure of what would constitute justification for removing the leadership, they have fallen short of their targets.
Not that this will prevent them and an hysterical media circus from claiming that the Labour party is doomed and that only new leadership will prevent the party from descending into political oblivion. This of course translates into a plea that only a return to the Blairite, Tory-lite policies (which betrayed ordinary people in the past with hypocrisy, lies and self interest of some of their number) can "restore confidence" and lead to a Labour government.

Over the course of the next few days and weeks, analysts will pour over last nights results and report on why this or that did or did not happen. Notwithstanding what their collective analysis may suggest, the fact remains that only the Labour party under the present leadership, can provide this country and its people with a real alternative to the divisive and unfair policies of this government. The conservative attacks on people and the social fabric of this country, cuts to welfare, dismantling of the NHS, Tax avoidance (and evasion), exploitation of people in the workplace,the advancement of the few at the expense of the many and the many other assaults against our people will continue and become even more extreme.

The first test of public opinion at the polls has not gone too well (as a result of the malicious sniping of the usual suspects), but that does not mean that we are wrong.