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Monday, 2 May 2016

We, and the people we represent, must not allow the hypocrites, liars and mountebanks to gain control of our party.

Some Labour frontbenchers are threatening to resign

A Times article, enthusiastically reproduced and embellished by Sky News and other media (and all full of the usual anonymous "sources"), graphically confirming that the real reason behind the furore over "anti Semitism" is the seditious conspiracy by some members of the Parliamentary Labour Party, encouraged and supported by sections of a duplicitous media, to remove the leadership of the Labour Party in some sort of coup. A coup which has been in preparation since the summer of last year and now uses the smokescreen of anti Semitism to mask the real intentions.
Duplicitous hypocrites, liars and mountebanks skulking in the shadows hiding behind press anonymity. Should these people actually quit, it would be a case of good riddance, and take your schemes, plots and conspiracies with you and join another party.