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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

As our steel industry dies, the government buys steel from Sweden to manufacture our Tanks in Spain.

What steel crisis? 100 British ‘supertanks’ to be built with Swedish steel… in Spain

The Ajax battle tank. The first 100 of 600 to be built,and made in Spain.

Another aspect of this Conservative governments indifference to the effects of their policies. Add this to the scandal of the millions of tonnes of steel required for the Cross Rail link, HS2 project, new ships for the Navy and other projects, all being supplied from other countries, predominately China. The British steel industry dies due to the governments failure to allow steel to compete on a level playing field with other steel producers and in consequence thousand of workers lose their jobs, thousands of families, reliant on the steel industry and associated businesses, are forced onto welfare and whole communities become no more than ghost towns.
The dogma of "competition" (sprinkled with the stench of government complicity in the awarding of contracts), destroys communities and people.
Any government which allows this shameful iniquity to prevail, betrays the people of this country.