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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Debate should focus on taking on the Tories, not on personality

Labour not doing enough to win 2020 general election, says Jeremy Corbyn

The Guardian applying the usual slant to promote its own agenda.
Rowena Mason and Anushka Asthana, two of the Guardian's “journalists” and known to be hostile to the Labour party leadership, write an article which has become the norm for a “newspaper”, which, it should be remembered supported Cooper and Kendall in the leadership election, and also joined the "anyone but Corbyn" clique.

Anushka Asthana

Rowena Mason

The Jeremy Corbyn comments, released before a meeting of Labour MPs and peers, demonstrate the recognition that the Labour party has work to do. “We are not yet doing enough to win in 2020.” Corbyn said, “focus on taking on the Tories” and “debates to be focused on policy, not personality”, clearly show that the leadership understands the task facing the Labour party prior to the 2020 election.
However, the Guardian, pursuing its campaign of subversion against the leadership and in support of its preference for the “Blairite” faction of the Labour party, resorts to the now discredited use of anonymous quotes in an attempt to give credibility to its warped interpretation of reality.
MPs leaving the meeting said the message had been toned down” or “a Labour source present said”, or “one shadow minister, who is not a Corbyn supporter said” or even “Another MP, who is more critical said”.
The constant use of the anonymous sources in newspaper articles, does little to add anything to the story that the “journalist” is seeking to put across to the reader. In fact it is more likely to generate cynicism and distrust in the reader with both the story and the “newspaper” attempting to peddle it.

In less than 12 months since being elected, the Labour party leadership has brought about numerous U Turns in government policy, has won Parliamentary By-elections, has established a lead in the polls of almost 10 points over the conservatives, defied the critics in the media and some elements of the PLP predicting a disaster in the local elections and actually increased the labour share of the vote, won all of the elections for Mayor and other advances in popularity across the country. All this achieved against a background of sniping, smear, untruths and general mischievousness from the media and elements within the PLP. Had the leadership spent less time, energy and resources combating the internal divisions generated by the Blairites amongst its own MP's, aided and encouraged by television and the media, then Labour could be even further ahead in the country.