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Sunday, 29 May 2016

The "shoot first" mentality deprives the world of another member of an endangered species.

Ohio zoo kills gorilla to "protect small child" in enclosure

"Harambe". Western lowland Silver back.shot dead by staff

Trigger happy bastards.
Tranquillisers would have been the best option if one were needed. A similar incident in the Durrel Wildlife Foundation Trust in 1986. Jambo the Silverback at the time did what gorillas do naturally and protected the 5 year old Levan Merritt from other gorillas until the boy was rescued.In these situations the Silverback is generally more protective than aggressive.

Jambo then stood protectively over Levan, as he lay unconscious on the floor after the nasty fall 
Jambo stood protectively over Levan, as he lay unconscious

The staff at Cincinnati Zoo have killed a gorilla, an endangered species, with the American "shoot first" mentality.
Like I said, trigger happy bastards