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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Energy companies have never "played fair"

MEPs back Labour report calling on energy companies to play fair and help the millions living in energy poverty

Energy companies have never "played fair" since Thatcher and her government privatised energy. The only motivation for these parasites is the maximisation of profit for their parasitic shareholders.The consumer comes somewhere down the list of priorities.
In the field of energy (now predominately owned by "foreign" companies as a direct result of privatisation) the myth of "Privatisation brings down costs, reduces price levels and improves services for the consumer", has been exploded as a hypocritical lie. The prime mover in this shabby exercise in exploitation, was and remains, the conservative dogma of handing to their "friends in the city" whole chunks of publicly owned industries, for private profits (and party donations),.
The Labour party should not only be "calling for energy companies to play fair." We should also be saying very loudly, that the next Labour government will pass legislation to return the energy companies into public ownership.