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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A conspiracy to protect the "establishment"? How far does this cover up actually spread? 

Connection between DPP and Lord's QC son raises questions over decision not to prosecute him over sex abuse allegations

Greville Janner and son Daniel Janner

As each day passes, the decision not to prosecute Greville Janner in connection with his alledged involvement in over 22 child sex allegations during his time as Labour MP, becomes more extraordinary and bizzare. Greville Janner escapes any conseqences of his alleged child abuse activities dating back over many years, as he is suffering from dementia, a condition which has apparently deteriorated since police searched his home and he first became a suspect. However, right up until December 2013, he was fit enough to attend the House of Lords and claim the associated expenses.
It seems that investigation and prosecution was dropped some years past as "mistakes were made in decision making at the time by both police and CPS. Lord Janner should have been prosecuted". 
In 1991 Keith Vaz, came to his defence saying Janner was the “victim of a cowardly attack” when he was accused of abusing a boy during the trial of paedophile children’s home boss Frank Beck. Vaz proposed a new law to protect the ‘innocence’ of his ‘friend’ and ‘neighbour’ Greville Janner because  of the ‘lies’ that had been told about the now Lord Janner.
Keith Vaz proposed a new law "to protect" Janner.

It would not be the first time that people have avoided prosecution  and imprisonment only to have a miraculous cure some time later. Janner and the people who knew or were involved in his odius activities at the time, should face trial today. The links between establishment figures, not only in the case of Janner, but in other high profile allegations and prosecutions beggar beleif.
As time passes and more revelations become public, the question screams out as to how far this conspiracy to protect the "establishment" actually spreads and who is involved in the cover up as well as the abuse. The public now demand answers.