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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

The futility of one month of Saudi airstrikes.

Saudi Arabia declares end to Yemen air strikes after four weeks of bombing

People gather near the rubble of houses destroyed by Saudi air strikes

Saudi Arabia ends its month long air camapign.The net result has acheived nothing except the deaths of countless numbers of civilians and even more hostility towards the regime in Riyadh and the ruling family, both in Yemen and amongst the vast majority of Saudi Arabian people.
The Saudi government and the royal family however have more than enough of the most up to date western supplied weaponary and aircraft to maintain control within their own borders and now have the addition of the American aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt and the cruiser USS Normandy to bolster their defences against the perceived "threat" of Iran.

The Yanks are comming! USS Theodore Roosevelt

The paranoid mentality of the oppresive Saudi government, coupled with the ambitions of the United States in connection with Iran, are a very unstable and dangerous combination in the area. Hopefully sanity rather than neoconservative interventionist philosophy will prevail in Washington. The evidence suggests however, that in the question of foreign policy, the neoconservative have the greatest influence.