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Friday, 17 April 2015

Miliband has lost sight of the real enemy.

Labour leader rejects SNP leader’s offer of an anti-Tory coalition, saying risk to the UK is too great

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Ed Miliband says that the risks in an Anti Tory coalition "are too great" !
This bacon sandwich munching cartoon chracter is clearly not on the same planet as the benifit claiming people on zero hour contracts, or the disabled who have had their beifits cut,or the people "sanctioned" by the DWP gestapo or the people forced out of their home by bedroom taxes or the thousand of people deserted by the Labour party over the last few decades and the 1 million people plus who are now reliant on foodbanks and other charites.
Ed you are wrong. It is the risks of the Tories that are "too great" to the British people that you should be considering. A coaltion, arrangement, understanding call it what you will against the Tories and opposing any Queens speech that they may propose is what is deparately needed.
We do not need, nor can we afford, your ego satisfying rambling or another round of you and the Labour MP's trooping through the lobbies in support of another £30 billion worth of cuts.
The enemy is the Tory party and its austerity programme, its punative and divisive welfare policies and the Tory and Liberal Democrat "ministers" so keen to hang on to their "perks" and tell everyone else to like it or lump it.