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Saturday, 4 April 2015

The media at its most contemptible.

Nicola Sturgeon denied telling the French ambassador she wanted the Tories to win the election in May

SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon

I loathe and detest negativity in political campaigning no matter which party or individual or "pundits" are involved. With typical bias and cynicism, the media and television are completely filled with hysterical rubbishing of Nicola Sturgeon. Even Miliband gets onto the bandwagon describing the second hand reports of an anecdotal and alleged conversation between a diplomat and Sturgeon as "damming revelations". Everyone involved in this non story, (apart that is from Simon Johnson, and Peter Dominiczak lackey reporters of of that well know Tory rag Telegraph) have denied all aspects of this incident. However, in order to keep this latest attempt at slur and innuendo going, Sky News are running almost continuous reports and have even secured an interview with a French diplomat who also denies the allegations, despite frantic attempts by the Sky reporter to repeat the same allegations ad museum.
This incident demonstrates vividly, how contemptible political reporting has become in this country. I predicted how negative and nasty this campaign would become and we are only 3 days into the hustings. It is negative,nasty,despicable and explains why people hold politics, politicians and media in such contempt and I hate it.