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Sunday, 5 April 2015

George Osborne unveils another housing "carrot", to attrtact voters.

Conservatives promise to get half a million first-time buyers onto the property ladder every year. 

Image result for Tories Pledge 1980s-Style Housing 'Revolution'

Another political party, today it is the Conservatives turn, promising to get 500,000 "First time buyers" onto the housing ladder every year. Again the emphasis of out of touch politicians in centered on the "First time buyer" in the hope of attracting votes in exchange for vague promises.
No mention is made of those who for what ever reason are unable to even contemplate buying their own home or those who for whatever reason may choose not to buy, but to rent.

George Osborne "hard at work"

The political bankruptcy of the politicians who pay lip service to the provision of housing while cynically seeking to attract votes is staggering. As I said yesterday when commenting on Miliband's latest offering, "nowhere near enough" and should in any case include the provision of rented sector accommodation by Councils or Housing associations or private rental providers.