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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Another lacklustre failure in the House of Lords?

Danny Alexander could retain his Cabinet post in a second coalition government even if he loses his seat in the Scottish Highland

Lord Danny of Aviemore?

Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, has demonstrated over the last 5 years, the performance of a man promoted far above the level of his abilities. He has also been less than impressive during interviews and his dealings with the media generally and until very recently been an obediant puppy for Osborne. According to the latest predictions, Danny Alexander will loose his seat on May 7th.

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Master and man

Hopefully, only the Liberal Democrats can dream up a proposal to elevate this lacklustre failure to the House of Lords in order to retain his "abilities" in a futre coalition with the Conservatives. Perhaps the Liberal Democrats are delusional in their vision of having enough seats on May 8th, to form a coalition with anyone, but planning to make a Lord something or other for this man from Aviemore is at best fanciful. However, in a chamber full of non entities, another one snoring quietly on the red leather benches, would not even be noticed.