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Sunday, 26 April 2015

Propaganda from the usual suspects to undermine the Syriza party-led coalition

Greeks’ view of the debt crisis: ‘What lies ahead is great, great hardship’

Syriza-led coalition government

"Three months on from Alexis Tsipras’s victory, hope is ebbing away and support for his party is haemorrhaging" screams the headline.
Just goes to show how in the war of propaganda, the Troika, Brussels, European bankers, Angela Merkel, the IMF and no doubt assisted by CIA "advisers", the anti Alexis Tsipras will descend to any depth to discredit the new Greek government, without any consideration of the truth.
Perhaps these organistions would prefer a "coup" in Greece and new elections in the hope that the outcome will produce a government more subservient to them than to the Greek people.