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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Media bias and Conservative duplicity sinks to new depths.

Bosses' letter backing Tories

Telegraph front page

It is not just that of these 100 "company leaders" more than 90% are either major contributors to Conservative Party fund, or Conservative Lords, or members of the Conservative Party and its management structure or a combination of all, it is even more sinister than that. The Conservative Party election machine have gained electoral profit from a full front page advert for their election campaign in today's Daily Telegraph. Not an advert on half page or page somewhere inside, but a complete, whole front page. Whether this blatant, cynical abuse should or will be declared as a Conservative election expense remains to be seen and whether the Press Council make take some issue with a "Newspaper" which publishes a letter which is clearly election propaganda for one of the parties is doubtful. There has historically been a press bias for one or other of the parties and the "press Barons" have always hidden behind "editorial decision" to hide their political allegiances for the party which they happen to support for that particular election. However, today's Telegraph, marks a departure from the practices of the past as media bias sinks to new lows and the Conservative party machine deserves nothing but contempt for its insult to the mentality of the electorate in denying that this "open letter" is anything other than an advert for electoral purposes.