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Thursday, 23 April 2015

A "Demonstration" which will generate even more hostility.

Video: “Death to the Arabs” march forces its way through occupied Jerusalem

Demonstration was part of the “Tour of the Gates” through the of the Old City.

This video is as disgusting as it is disturbing. In many countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Jews are protected by law from discrimination,anti semitism and abuse in the media or elsewhere. They occupy a place within society that is probably unique, in terms of laws and restrictions being applied for the protection of a minority, which is not afforded to any other group or religion.
However, this demonstration in occupied East Jerusalem, with the demonstrators chanting "Death to the Arabs" specifically targeted at Palestinians passes unnoticed be the western media and not mentioned by politicians who should be protesting to the Israeli government. Again, a case of "Israel can do no wrong" is the overriding factor in this countries relationship with Tel Aviv.
It is clearly obvious that hostility towards Israel has grown significantly over past years particularly in response to their aggressions and barbaric occupation of Palestinian lads. It is also clearly obvious that the behavior of the Jews in this video, protected by the Israeli Defence Force military, will promote even further hostility and resentment amongst many ordinary people in the west.
It is not acceptable to "play the holocaust card" and demand special preferential treatment and at the same time demonstrate spite,venom and hatred against non Jews.