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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Keyness and Freidman spinning in their graves and laughing

Tories promise 'tax lock' in latest move to combat Labour

Prime Minister  has seriously lost the plot

This must be the most crassly ludicrous, ridiculous, patronising promise, pledge, or undertaking made by any politician (so far) of any party during this election campaign.
To even consider that the electorate will accept this nonsense demonstrates that this Prime Minister who is seeking another term in the office, has seriously lost the plot and had his powers of logic and reasoning damaged beyond repair by "sitting in one place for too long".
There is absolutely no reason to believe that a Chancellor of the Exchequer of any party would commit to a five year period of income tax freezes on all income bands, freezing duties on all goods and services, freezing VAT rates or any of the other fiscal tools when proposing annual their budgets. The economic situation in this country and even in the wider world, can vary on a day to day basis with thousands of interrelated factors dictating in many instances which measures are available or necessary to control an economy.
Economists of all persuasions from Milton Friedman to John Maynard Keynes, not to mention previous Chancellors and Prime Ministers, must be spinning in their graves and howling with laughter at the political naivety, stupidity and economic ignorance of this career politician from Oxford University and Bullingdon Club.
The people of this country have probably by now become used to their politicians promising the earth in exchange for their votes in the polling booth, but this latest promise is without doubt the most preposterous in the history of political campaigning. I have argued elsewhere that David Cameron is not fit to hold the office of Prime Minister in this country. This latest utterance confirms that either his mental condition excludes him from consideration for the position, or his contempt for the intelligence of people makes him an unacceptable choice. In either case, he demonstrates that he is unfit for office.