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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The "markets" do not like the possibility of intervention, no matter how modest.

Labour's housing plans wipe nearly £200m off value of UK home builders

Modest plans wipe £200 million off value of Britain's house builders.

How strange it is that a political party's plans to assist potential house buyers and to offer some rent controls as relief to those families renting their homes should cause such alarm and despondency among Britain's house building companies as almost £200 million is wiped off the value of their companies. It seems that the possibility of some controls in the housing sector, no matter how modest, can cause such alarm in "the markets" as they contemplate some reductions in their already inflated "margins".
What is not strange however, is the fact that a rabid right wing rag such as "The Telegraph" should place such great emphasis on the drop in share values in yet another attempt to dissuade people from voting for the party concerned.
Politics is foul.