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Saturday, 11 April 2015

What have they done to the Holiday Inn?

Holiday Inn Express. Poole.

Holiday Inn Express. Poole

As frequent travellers to Jersey in the Channel Islands,we have often used the Holiday Inn as a nightly stop over for the early morning ferry service. More so now as the Condor Ferry organisation has left Weymouth and now operates only from Poole.Having booked accommodation some months previously, we arrived on Thursday (9the April) afternoon to cathch the Condor Liberation the next morning. (Now there is another story). As a member of the IHG Club, the usual formalities had already been completed and all we needed to do was to sign the registration documentation.
The first suprise was that I was presented with another bill for an extra £5 for "car parking" overnight. In all my experience of Holiday Inn visits, I have never been charged to park the car! The £5 cost is neither here nor there as it is the principle which is important, particularly as the reason for this new charge is that "the landowner has increased the rent".
The next suprise was on entering our room. It appears that someone has put the beds through a washing machine on the wrong setting and the beds have shrunk! The same setting must have been used when washing the duvet as they too had shrunk and would be too small for anyone over 5feet 2 inches tall. (I am 6feet 5 inches).
The also seemed to be a lingering faint aroma of cigarette smoke which seemed strange. There is no criticism of the Hoiliday Inn staff who were attentive and pleasant as usual. The problem is with the hotel. I have no idea what they have done to it, but whatever it is, someone should have a rethink,