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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A cynical appeal to the "Thatcher Spirit"

David Cameron:

"The dream of the property owning democracy is alive, and that the Conservatives “are the party of working people, offering you security at every stage of your life”.

The "right to buy" policies of Thatcher some 30 years ago is one of the root causes of the present housing crisis in this country. The fundemental problem of the present crisis is not a matter of being able to buy, but more importantly it is a matter of having sufficient homes for purchase or rent available in the "market". However, zero hour contracts and an overall decline in wages and salaries ability to purchase is a major factor.
The sooner that political parties of all persuasions are prepared to ditch their hypocritical cynicism and tackle the problem rather than seek to gain electoral advantage with vague promises and soundbites, the better for those with little prospect of either buying or renting a home.The shortage of housing in this country has been an outrage for decades and governments of both sides since Thatcher, and now coalitions have done nothing to resolve the issue. For Cameron to now seek to gain a few votes with an appeal to the  "Thatcher spirit"  is an example of hypocritical desparation of a cynical  man not worthy to be the Prime Minister of this country.