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Friday, 3 April 2015

Hysterical hypocrisy and nonsense from the media.

Rochdale councillor's son among Britons held near Turkish-Syrian border 



Waheed Ahmed, the 21-year-old son of a Labour Councillor, is one of nine Britons who have been held by Turkish security officials are attempting to enter Syria illegally.
Waheed Ahmed held on border

The hypocrites of the media, this time the Guardian, make great headlines about a "Labour Councillors son" being one of nine British people arrested trying to cross the border into Syria and going on to repeat the now usual rhetoric about Muslim radicalisation, Islamic extremism and the now obligatory fear mongering nonsense so popular with politicians and those with a hidden agenda. It is as if we are being subjected to preparation for some sort of crusade against the whole Muslim world and any story which promotes those ends will be used as justification for measures which meet the objective. How strange it is then, that a story which I published only last week reporting on the activities of Dr. Adam Osborne, younger brother of George Osborne remains in the shadows presumably in the hope that we will forget and the matter will go away. The media barons have always manipulated the news to suit their own particular political bias and these two stories alone, demonstrate how the warped minds of media moguls can distort facts and make being a Labour Councillors "son who may be", thinking about doing something", a greater and more newsworthy "story" than being the brother of the Chancellor of the Exchequer and involved in some dubious activities.
The list of allegations against Osborne Minor were documented in the “Mail on line” on the 29th March 2015, include that he had a two-year sexual affair with a vulnerable woman patient, Elitemed, the private company he co-owns with his wife Rahala Noor, is worth just £551, had £71 in the bank and owed creditors £7,337. In 2010 Osborne was suspended over claims which centered on his relationship with a cocaine-addicted prostitute and after studying medicine at Manchester University, he became a junior doctor at the city’s Wythenshawe Hospital, a job he was forced to quit after the allegations of handing out falsified prescriptions. He went on to practice as a private psychiatrist in Marylebone, Central London. Add to this the fact that Osborne Minor converted to Islam and taking the name Mohammed before his marriage.

Dr Adam Osborne
Adam Osborne. guilty of misleading and dishonest behaviour

Clearly, the fact that someone thinks about doing something is incredibly more important and newsworthy, particularly if that someone happens to be the son of a Labour Councillor.
Hypocrisy and cynicism are the hallmarks of the media.

In the latest twist to this story, police have today raided the home of the Councillor are searching the premises. ! Hysterical nonsense, fueled by the desire to find another snippet of excuse to justify a crusade against the Muslim world.