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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Downing Street "prostitute" seeking another position.

Lib Dems are only alternative to 'coalition of grievance', says Nick Clegg 

Party leader says Liberal Democrats would offer conscience and stability in coalition after 7 May



. He has said his party is the only stable choice at the election.


The comments of a man desparate to retain the position and priviledges he has enjoyed over the last five years. The ministerial car, the inflated salary, the title of "Deputy" Prime minister, the expenses, the seat at the cabinet table and the perceived kudos would all be lost unless Clegg can weasle his way into another coalition with whoever would be prepared to take him.
He is one of those people who would be prepared to prostitute themselves and every principle they may once have held in exchange for their perception of power. The problem of course is that Clegg was able to persuade or bribe enough Liberal Democrat MP's to either support his ambitions after the last election  or at least acquiece  and hide behind the "we are in coalition for the sake of the country", nonsesnse.
Perhaps the electorate will have a recollection on May 7th of the many punative and divisive poliicies that the Conservative (coalition) government with "entusiastic" Liberal Democrat support in the lobbies, have imposed on the people of this country during their period in power. Perhaps the Liberal Democrat party canditates and Clegg in particular, will have a hammering at the polls and will suffer electoral annihilation. It is certainly what they deserve.