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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Miliband opposes cuts but voted for £30billion worth only a few weeks ago.

Nicola Sturgeon exposing the hypocrisy of Ed Miliband. 

One comment caught my attention during the televised "Election 2015 Debate".

I have long criticised the present Labour party in Parliament for their support of government policies. Poundland change of the law, and support for a number of the I.D.S anti working people measures passed over the last few years to name just a few. We even have the Labour Party promising more austerity cuts if they win the next election, but not as severe as Conservative cuts. In public of course, Labour say they are opposed to welfare and other cuts.

During the course of the debate Nicola Sturgeon offered the following comment, and no one contradicted her. "Ed talks the language on austerity, but it's only a few weeks since he trooped through the lobbies to vote for £30billion of cuts,' 

Ed Miliband

Miliband just adopted the usual vacant expression and stared into the distance.