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Friday, 24 April 2015

Supporters of Israel again using the "anti-Jewish bigotry" argument to stifle criticism.

The Lancet under attack for 'extremist hate propaganda' over its coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Damage at the Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital in Deir al-Balah
in the central Gaza Strip, shelled by the Israeli army on July 21, 2014,

An article in the Lancet, deemed to be critical of Israel’s conduct in Gaza, with some complaining it was “anti-Jewish bigotry”, demonstrates how Jews are protected by law from discrimination,anti semitism and abuse in the media or elsewhere. They occupy a place within society that is probably unique, in terms of laws and restrictions being applied for the protection of a minority, which is not afforded to any other group or religion. By continually playing "the Holocaust card" or numerous variations of it, Tel Aviv and those who unreservedly support the actions of the Israeli government, again demonstrate an expectation that individual people, organisations and governments outside Israel will support and accept the cliche of "Israel's right to defend itself".  Another example of Israel can do no wrong. It is clearly obvious that hostility towards Israel has grown significantly over past years particularly in response to their aggressions and barbaric occupation of Palestinian lands and specifically in Gaza.
To criticise and attack the Lancet, or any other publication or individual who comments on events as being anti-Semitic and bigoted, reinforces the very unhealthy and sinister "smear propaganda" which has been filling western media and political opinion since 1948.