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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

A gesture made more for PR than humanitarian reasons.

Cameron pledges £3m in extra UK aid

Gaza Humanitarian crisis

How does David Cameron expect this "extra aid" to reach the people of Gaza?
Is there some sort of by pass arrangement which will allow the British aid to beat the Israeli/Egyptian blockade?
Essential medical supplies, food, blankets, water and substantial other humanitarian supplies have been blocked by the Al-Sisi regime at the crossing points into Gaza by the  Egptian army for the past two weeks, with little prospect of the the border guards allowing the supplies through any time soon.. A few £50 notes in a brown paper bag is hardly likely to make one iota of difference to a humanitarian crisis unfolding day by day on the streets of the districts in Gaza.
This donation is nothing more than a gesture, a small amount of conscience money, donated to allow Cameron to boast that the Brish government is doing something other than hanging onto to the American coat tails and repeating, parrot fashion, the now well worn cliche of "Israel has the right to defend itself" and "we along with our American cousins, suppprt Israel".  Cameron should also take on board a growing feeling within this country that Palestinians in Gaza have a right to defend themselves too and that resistance to the aggression of Israel will continue
Cammeron would be better employed pressurising the Egyptians to open the Raffah crossing and other entry points into Gaza to allow the free flow of humanitarian aid into the enclave and the evacuation of wounded civilians. However, Al-Sisi in Cairo, Obama in Washington and Netanyahu in Tel Aviv will not allow that to happen, regardless of what these duplicitous hypocrites may say in public at press conferences or during interviews with the media.
At the end of the day, Cameron will do as he is told.
He has clearly been allowed to promise £3 million in additional aid  for the Palestinians, when only yesterday the State department in Washington promised an additional $400 million of "defence equipment" for Israel to be shipped immediately.
Perhaps Cameron should follow suit and do what many people in this country would prefer to see, and announce the shipment of "military aid" to the Palestinians in Gaza along with humanitarian supplies.    
The effect on Cameron's public image would be substantially enhanced and it would be significantly more than a squalid PR gesture.