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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Welcome to Argos. Update on the update.





Following the post of yesterday, there was an exchange of comments with “Argos Helpers”, which, initially, caused some concern.
Hi John, I am very sorry for the problems that you have experienced with your order. I have just spoken with the courier and your cooker is out for delivery today and the driver will contact you before he delivers. Charlotte
  • John Yates. We are just leaving for a hospital appointment. He can deliver and install tomorrow or late this afternoon. (after 3:00pm). Please confirm
  • Argos. Your delivery is the fourth drop of the day so hopefully this may be after 3pm but
  • Argos. I can not guarantee this. If you are not available for delivery today then the courier will call you to re book the delivery. Charlotte

Just as I was muttering “Oh dear. Another day passes without our delivery. Oh dear”, or words to that effect, our telephone rang.
A voice on the other end of the line, announced that he would be delivering and installing our cooker in half an hour!
True to his promise, the man from the Argos contractor arrived within the specified time, installed the new cooker, checked that it worked properly, and disappeared up the road out of the village taking our old cooker with him.
We were only marginally late for the appointment.
This whole story has been a catalogue of phone calls, Blog postings, Facebook and Twitter messages and a very large helping of frustration, certainly on my part, but I would like to thank “Argos Helpers” in the form of Tina, Drew, Clem, Charlotte, Neal (and any others which I may have missed) for their assistance (and perhaps even their frustration) in resolving this saga.
Readers may be pleased to learn that the cooker seems to be fine (I am touching a large piece of wood) and last nights dinner went down well.
Readers may also be pleased to learn that this will be the last Blog post on this subject.