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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Collective punishment.


Israel steps up Gaza offensive as missiles head towards Tel Aviv airport


Gaza; July 8, 2014 8:34AM ET


Mubarak and now al-Sisi demonstrate the extent to which Egypt, in the pay of America and Israel, will go to blockade Palestine generally and Gaza in particular, using the well worn pretext of “preventing terrorism”. The list of blockaded goods is extensive and includes, construction materials, tin cans of any description (in case they are melted down and used in weapon construction), many food items as they are considered by the Israeli's and Egyptian governments to be “luxury items”, cement, glass, steel, bitumen, wood, paint, doors, plastic pipes, metal pipes, metal reinforcement rods, aggregate, generators, high voltage cables and any other items which may be considered as having a “military” potential.
The collusion between Israel and Egypt, with the acquiescence of America, in the collective punishment of the entire population of Palestinians, particularly those in Gaza, is an insult to humanity and a crime of immense proportions, all due to the fact that the democratic election of Hamas and its subsequent “unification” government with Fatah, is violently opposed in Tel Aviv, Cairo and Washington. Support for Palestine was one of the reasons for the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi by the Al-Sisi coup of July last year, supported and encouraged by the United States.


The purpose of these initial comments is to provide some perspective on the present situation today. Last night, 8th/9th July 2014, over 160 air-strikes by Israeli Air force jets were made against Gaza. The air-strikes were supported by naval bombardment from the Israeli navy, during which 35 Palestinian civilians were killed., including eight children and all in the name of Israel defending its citizens. In the round of “tit-for-tat” reprisals, much emphasis has been placed on the alleged “kidnap and killing” of three Israeli students in Hebron. There is no mention of the murder of 2 Palestinian youths by the IOF the previous week. Israeli government or military spokespersons fill our televisions with their accounts of Hamas missiles “raining down” on Israeli citizens, but there is no mention of repeated Israeli air strikes on Gaza and other “targets” in the West Bank some days previously.
Against this background, western governments and the media provide tacit support for the Tel Aviv government by condemning Palestinian aggression and terrorism calling for an end to the launching of (hand made) missiles from Gaza, and at the same time suggesting “restraint” from the Israeli's.
The collective guilty conscience in the western capitals has been providing the Israeli's with succor and excuse for over 65 years. It has been abundantly clear for all that time, that the Israeli's can do no wrong and any actions they choose to take are acceptable and appropriate.
It is a proposition that is rapidly loosing credibility with many people around the world and can not endure for much longer.
The one great fact remains. Israel is occupying and blockading another country and inflicting a collective punishment on the Palestinian people by military force. Why does the world stand by and watch the systematic destruction of an entire nation and say or do nothing? The Israeli's and the rest of the world, should not be surprised when an occupied and blockaded country, fights back against its oppressors with whatever weapons or means lie at its disposal. In this struggle against the continuing occupation they have my total unqualified support.