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Friday, 11 July 2014

As Egypt partially opens the border crossings, Tel Aviv promises more airstrikes.


 Egypt opens border with Gaza to allow airstrike casualties in for medical care

Ambulances wait to enter Egypt

I have been critical of Egypt and the junta now running the country, since al-Sisi seized power in a bloody coup in July last year. Opening the border crossings with Gaza, if only to allow Palestinians to access to medical facilities in Egypt, is a step towards the Egyptian government recognising world opinion in regard to Israeli aggression in Gaza and the West Bank.There is little prospect of any change in the situation on the ground when the almost hysterical interviews on television with Mark Regev, Peter Lerner and other "spokespersons", demonstrate the hawkish atmosphere in Tel Aviv.



Only yesterday, Natanyahu Prime Minister of Israel, warmonger and thug said that airstrikes and bombardment of Gaza will continue and went on to state, “I am not speaking with anyone about a ceasefire. That is not under consideration,”. 
An enlightening comment from a man who continually seeks to portray a voice of reason and moderation seeking peace with Palestine and a secure settlement for the Palestinian people. The face of evil and intent of annexing all of Palestine, behind the mask of respectability and reason lies exposed again. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu


In Egypt, there seems to be a slow realisation that the Palestinians are not the real enemy. The report that at least one of the State controlled media sources is carrying stories condemning Israeli actions. These stories in fact reflect large swathes of Egyptian public opinion and their sympathy with the people of Gaza. It would be a very unwise government which ignores the views and opinions of large sections of its population on such an issue.
The even limited opening of the Egypt, Gaza border crossings should be welcomed, but we must urge the Egyptians to do more and lift completely their blockade and allow free access into and out of Palestine.