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Friday, 25 July 2014

Selective reporting cannot disguise the fact.

 Just because the story is not reported, it does not mean that the events did not happen.


A  child, wounded in a strike on a U.N. school in Beit Hanoun

The government propaganda officers (P O's) who sit permanently on the editorial boards of our newspapers, were very busy yesterday pushing the official line, or perhaps the lack of it,
to ensure that today’s editions contain predominately “safe” stories. A glance across the front pages of our national daily's reveal the extent to which the sanitisation of news has reached new levels of “subtlety” which the P O's hope and believe will satisfy the readers and divert their attention, at least for a short period.
For example, the Daily Mirror leads with a “story” about Vladimir Putin's girlfriend, The Sun has more about Peaches Geldorf, the Star continues its obsession with “Big Brother”, in the Express the front page is again dominated by the British weather, while the Times and the Telegraph lead with more hyperbole regarding the “recovery” of the British economy. The Daily Mail (where else), offers a big story about the Red Arrows and the FT comes in with its own view on the “Junk Bond Bull run”. Even the Independent and the Guardian, who usually at least, make some attempt to report on matters which concern us all, or perhaps should concern us, can only find a story about the “poultry scare” or how the Council tax causes hardship to the poor.

BBC News 24

Sky News

We should not forget that the P O's are also very active in the offices of the news editors at both Sky News and BBC News albeit with slightly lesser success than with newspapers, but where “delicate material” does find its way onto our screens, we can always rely on the fact that the shameless partiality of the presenter will guide the viewer in the “right” direction. Martine Croxall, Clive Myrie and Tim Willcox at the BBC with Anna Botting, Colin Brazier, Stephen Dixon and Kay Burley at Sky News, to name only a few, manage to throw into question any opinion, suggestion or even fact which does not agree with the “official version” of the truth.
Only on Aljazeera, can the viewer expect to be given an accurate and balanced report and analysis of events both in the news programmes and on their regular news analysis feature programmes. This is probably due to the fact the Aljazeera is based in Doha well out of reach of the P O's in the United Kingdom.

A Palestinian man carries a child, wounded strike on a U.N. school in Beit Hanoun,

 It should have been impossible for the national daily papers here in the United Kingdom, to completely ignore, apart from one photograph on the Guardian and one on the Independent, the fact that yesterday, Israeli tanks and aircraft attacked a UN run school in Beit Hanoun, which was designated as a “safe haven” for Palestinian civilians who had fled the fighting in other parts of Gaza. Chris Gunness, the spokesman for UNRWA, the UN's humanitarian organisation in Gaza, said "We gave the Israelis the precise GPS coordinates of the Beit Hanoun shelter. We were trying to coordinate a window [for evacuation] and that was never granted," This is the fourth time in the last few days of the current fighting, that Israeli forces have attacked UN schools and comes only three days after their shelling of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital, where many civilians were killed and injured. In yesterdays attack, which may be another Israeli war crime, 15 people were killed and more than 150 injured, some seriously.
It is difficult, if not impossible, to understand how western leaders, Kerry, Hammond, Cameron, Obama, Hague and the rest, can continue with their constant repetition of the phrase “Israel has the right to defend itself”, and the more and more implausible lies, distortion and inflammatory comments of Benjamin Netanyahu, Mark Regev and now of Naftali Bennet, just beggar belief. No right thinking person could justify that the “Israel’s right to self defence” rationale can extend to killing civilian men women and tragically many children, sheltering in UN installations, hospitals, schools, disabled facilities or old peoples homes, because they have nowhere else to go.
Since the commencement of “Operation Protective Edge” on the 8th July 2013, less than 20 days ago, more than 800 people have been killed by the Israeli forces. Of those 800, more than 70% (560) are civilians and of those more than 250 were children.
The list of war crimes charges against the invading Israeli forces is growing by the hour to add to those war crimes which Israel has committed during its long blockade of Gaza and the occupation of Palestinian lands. The protests against Israeli aggression has spread within the last few hours, to the West Bank, East Jerusalem, Ramalah and other towns throughout Palestine. Already, two Palestinian protesters have been killed by Israeli “security” forces and the protests continue.
Our media is full of stories about the Commonwealth games, Vladimir Putin's girlfriend, The Red Arrows or Britain “Baking” for a month rather than the events in Gaza. The P O's in the editorial offices may be working overtime, but they are destined to loose as  public become aware of their motives and the reality of what is taking place in Gaza