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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Another UN shelter bombed by the Israeli's

Israeli shelling hits another Gaza UN school killing at least 20 civilians

Jabaliya refugee camp one of the most deprived and densely populated areas in Gaza

Another UN school being used as shelter for civilians in Gaza has been bombed by the Israeli forces. It is reported that at least 20 civilians have been killed. The school is in the Jabalia refugee camp and was attacked by tanks and aircraft.
Yesterday I blogged that the Israeli intention is to completely flatten Gaza and drive the Palestinians into the sea. Last nights indiscriminate bombardment brings the toll to at least 1250 Palestinians killed with thousands more injured, the majority of which are civilians and of those there are at least 300 children.
This genocidal ethnic cleansing of Gaza, has been continuing in its present intensity for over three weeks, with complete destruction of homes, mosques, schools, hospitals and other essential infrastructure. Gaza is now completely without electricity, as the only power station supplying the whole enclave with electricity was destroyed by Israeli tanks during yesterdays attacks.
The western world, particularly the United States and to a lesser extent the United Kingdom, twitter on about a ceasefire, humanitarian truce or other empty platitudes at the United Nations and yet do nothing practical to stop Israeli genocide.
In any other theater around the world, (but not any conflict involving Israel), the west would have by now taken a stand.
Were the same commitment to preventing genocide and other atrocities applied in this current conflict, NATO or the United Nations or both would have by now bombed targets around Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ashdod and other military areas in Israel sending a clear message to Tel Aviv to "Stop and withdraw or face the consequences".
However, as I have argued on may previous occasions, Israel can do no wrong in the eyes of western governments especially the United States government, where even as recently as yesterday, John Kerry, at a press conference in Washington, reiterated at least 20 times, that " we stand with Israel our closest ally" and "we fully support Israel and its right to defend itself" and at the same time, the State Department announced another $400 million of military aid is on its way to Tel Aviv.

John Kerry press conference in the Whitehouse Treaty Room

The western appeasement to Israel continues when it is abundantly clear that, as in the case of Germany in 1938, only force will stop them.
However appeasement destroys the backbone of government to do what is right and in the meantime the attacks on Palestinian homes, mosques, schools, hospitals and the people of Gaza will continue until there is nothing and no one left.
History will condem the governments of today for acquiescing to the destruction of an entire people in Palestine by perusing a policy of appeasement to a vicious and evil aggressor.