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Thursday, 10 July 2014

In Pamplona, they kill bulls for "fun"

 Briton critically injured in San Fermin festival

Are we supposed to have some sympathy for these morons?
For the "Independent" to open this story with "A British man is in a critical condition after an accident during the running of the bulls" is complete nonsense. This was no "accident". It was a case of poetic justice for people engaged in a barbaric and cruel event where animals are abused and then killed for the enjoyment and "sport" of humans.
Killing bulls for the "sport" and the enjoyment of humans

Perhaps more humans will be seriously injured or even killed before this event is finally consigned to the dustbin along with those organising and taking part in it. What is certain, is that until this event is finally banned, many more bulls will be killed in the name of entertainment. Those organising, those taking part and all those watching should be filled with shame, but will no doubt be able to rationalise their actions at least to themselves.