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Saturday, 5 July 2014

Welcome to Argos, part of Home Retail Group


Have you ever tried to buy something online from Argos using their web page?
On the 19th June, I placed an order on line, for an electric cooker, to include delivery, recycling our existing cooker and installation of the new appliance.
Argos responded with an e-mail within a few minutes, acknowledging receipt of the order and confirming receipt of payment. Their e-mail also stated that they would contact us by Thursday 3 July 2014 to arrange a convenient date and time for delivery and installation. Some days later, they confirmed that our cooker would be delivered to their delivery/installation sub contractor on the 24th June, which was later confirmed.
During a call earlier this week, just to check on any progress, I was advised that the delivery/installation people would ring me no later than Thursday or Friday of this week to arrange a date. Yesterday, Friday 4th July, I made two phone calls to Argos asking when I could expect a call from their contractors to arrange a date. In the first call one of Argos “agents” stated that they still had four days before they could be considered as being late. (No. I have no idea where that came from either.) On asking to speak to a supervisor, one of their “managers” came on and after some discussion, she rang the contractor and passed on their assurance that “someone” will definitely ring me to confirm a delivery date “this afternoon”. That was at around 2:15. By 4:45 no one had called which prompted the second call.
This time, “Andrew” listened to the story and then rang the subcontractor whilst I held the on. Eventually, after some twenty minutes wait, he came back on the line and advised me that “one of their (subcontractor) staff was on holiday and consequently they could do nothing until Monday. However, they did offer their “assurance” that someone would definitely ring me on Monday”. You may guess that I was not amused.
We await developments, if any, on Monday.
In the meantime, my patience is wearing thin as our money is in their bank and our cooker is located in their distribution centre,“somewhere in England”.