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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dorchester Hospital saving money and hacking off everyone.‏

Dorchester County Hospital

I have sent the following message to the DCH Facebook page and to my GP's surgery.  

I have just had yet another unsuccessful telephone call to the Hematology Dept secretaries to obtain the results of a blood test I had on the 17th July at my local GP Surgery. I have regular blood  tests to determine the dosage of Hydrea I should take until the next test. (I used to attend the hospital for this  which was done and the new dosage advised at the same time. The new visit the GP then ring the hospital was introduced to "save money".)
The "form" is that I have the test, ring DCH a few days later for Dr. Moosa to advise the level of medication.
For the last two, at least, calls to the hospital, I have been subjected to a seemingly endless list of "options", none of which meets the requirements of the call. The recorded message ends with "For any other needs, please ring back during office hours".
Mind boggling .
This is  the last occasion that I shall waste my time (and money) calling the hospital on a futile exercise. In future you can send the results to me and to my GP surgery.

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