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Sunday, 20 July 2014

The attention of the world is being diverted by western media and government hysteria.

The wreckage of MH17

The demonisation of Russia and the "pro-Russia rebels" is becoming almost hysterical in the western media, particularly on Sky News.The front page of today's Observer for example screams "Vladimir Putin is given 'one last chance' as world fury mounts over flight MH17" which may be a catchy headline, but has no real meaning or substance. What does the writer expect to happen? Is it expected that NATO tanks will smash into Smolensk, Bryansk, Kursk and other towns along Russia western border and race on to Moscow?
The destruction of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 and the deaths of all those people on board is a tragedy which must be investigated and where necessary those people responsible must be held to account. However, this constant barrage of abuse and accusations being thrown around by western governments and media adds little, if anything, to identify the causes of the crash and those responsible for it.

Israel Launches Ground Invasion of Gaza

It has not gone un noticed that this story and the intense media coverage on practically every news channel and in the vast majority  of newspapers, comes at the same time as Israel launches a ground invasion of Gaza. It seems that the attention of the world is being diverted, by western governments and media towards Ukraine and away from the Middle East.