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Saturday, 19 July 2014

The "west" seeks nothing less than total capitulation and unconditional surrender. 

Pressure mounts on Hamas to negotiate ceasefire: Hamas left isolated by its refusal to accept a truce


 This time it is "the Guardian" trotting out the "official western line" that Hamas is "left isolated by its refusal to accept a truce" and "pressure mounts on Hamas to negotiate ceasefire", when what they really mean is that Hamas and the rest of the Palestinians in Gaza, must stop resisting and allow Israel to get away with aggression and killing civilians, assisted by western governments, again. In other words, the Palestinians must accept unconditional surrender
Israel and the western governments could have a ceasefire,truce call it what you will, this afternoon, if they were really seeking a solution, but as usual they are set on humiliation of the Palestinians as well as the demonisation of Palestine.

AL-Wafa hospital. Israel says that this is a Hamas hospital and legitimate target

Israel and the west, can stop the fighting now. Tel Aviv could announce that the inhuman and illegal blockade of Gaza will be lifted and that the occupying Israeli forces will be withdrawn from Palestinian lands.
However, as usual, it is the Arabs who are expected to kow-tow to pressure from Washington and now Cairo and the military might of Tel Aviv. The governments in the west may wish to give carte blanche to the Israeli's to continue their aggression and atrocities in Gaza and the occupied territories, but there is a growing feeling among many people around the world that the Israeli's have "got away with it" for far too long.
Israel is the great threat in the region, if not the world, and must sooner rather than later be stopped.