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Sunday, 20 July 2014

The evil axis from Tel Aviv to Cairo and Washington .

Stop these Israeli's before they kill everybody !!


Gaza. 19July 2014


In June of 1942, the village of Lidice in Czechoslovakia, was completely destroyed by German forces of the SS. All inhabitants of the village, including women and children were either executed or deported to concentration camps in Germany. This atrocity was only part of a number of atrocities carried out by German forces against civilians in towns and villages throughout Europe during the last war.

Last night in Gaza, the Israeli army tanks and infantry, supported by air force jets and naval ships, carried out its largest bombardment yet of the northern area of Gaza, killing more than 40 civilians including more children. This morning the skyline of Gaza, is almost obscured by thick black smoke still rising from buildings within the area as the bombardment continues unabated.

The comparison between the German army atrocities in Europe in the 1940s and the Israeli Armed Forces in Gaza last night and over the last two weeks, is not unintentional since in both instances these acts were carried out against a civilian population, which had little if any defence. In many ways the situation in Gaza today is even more barbaric since the weapons of today's armies are far more destructive than those of the 1940s.

Over the course of the last 12 hours Israeli tanks and infantry have pounded the northern areas of Gaza forcing civilians to flee the area. It is reported that due to the density of the population and the severity of the Israeli bombardment it has been impossible to evacuate large areas of the city. Emergency vehicles and paramedics have been unable to reach the injured due to the damage caused by shells and bombs. The known death toll from last nights' bombardment is over 40 and it is reported that more casualties remain in the rubble of destroyed buildings. This is without doubt the most outrageous escalation of the current conflict. Added to this it is reported that the Egyptian government of Abdel Fatah Al Sisi, who seized power in Cairo in the coup of July of 2012 in his latest betrayal of the Palestinian people, has closed the border between Egypt and Gaza to prevent medical supplies and more importantly, medical teams and doctors reaching those civilians in desperate need of medical treatment. It is reported that even as writing this blog post a number of medical teams are stranded at the Raffah crossing. Other aid convoys carrying food and blankets and other essential supplies have been stopped in Sinai by Egyptian army units to prevent them reaching the people of Gaza.

Nasser hospital in Khan Younis. 10th July 2014

Aid convoy to Gaza stopped at the border

Notwithstanding world public opinion the Israelis seem intent on destroying the entire open air prison which constitutes Gaza today together with the men women and children who have lived there for the past 65 years. Meanwhile the governments of the world seem intent on doing nothing in the face of this ongoing obscenity and the world's media seem intent on ignoring the situation which is deteriorating on an hour by hour basis. There are rumblings of a UN sponsored peace initiative involving the United States, Qatar, Egypt and other countries which even now see a peace deal as no more than complete capitulation by the Palestinians in Gaza and a return to the status quo of blockade and continuing occupation.

The apparent indifference of the Western media towards the situation in Gaza, is demonstrated again this morning, with a 20 minute report from correspondents in Kiev, Schiphol airport, London and Moscow covering the crash site and aftermath of the Malaysian airlines flight MH 17 crash on 17 July. Following this extended report which appeared on both BBC News 24 and on sky News there was a brief comment from just one reporter and a few live pictures of the skyline in Gaza, on the events which had taken place over the last 12 hours. I have said previously that the media coverage of the events in the Middle East particularly in respect of the actions of the Israeli government and its armed forces is a disgrace to journalism and shows complete bias which can only have been exercised on the instructions of Western governments or government spokespersons. The collective guilty conscience of the Western governments with regard to Israel extends not only from Washington, London and other capitals of Europe, but into the editorial offices of national newspapers and television stations.


Faces of fear.

It must be abundantly clear to any right minded person that the excesses of the Israeli army and its almost hysterical government must be stopped. They should be stopped by diplomacy if possible which must include a commitment by Israel to lift the illegal blockade of Gaza and end the occupation of Palestinian land, including East Jerusalem. Failing any diplomatic agreement containing these provisions, the governments of the Western world should commit to the use of force to prevent further killings of Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied territories. This action is not without precedent as Western governments and NATO have in the past used humanitarian justifications for invasions and bombing of targets in Bosnia, Yugoslavia, Libya and even Iraq. However, this is unlikely to be brought about as Western governments are notorious for doing only that which is in their political interests. In the case of the Balkans and in Iraq, the political interests were clear. When it comes to the actions of Israel I have argued that the West are prepared to allow Israel to carry out any action or activity which it considers necessary to “defend its citizens”, no matter how barbaric such actions may be. The historic relationship between the United States and Israel together with the collective guilty conscience of other western governments, including United Kingdom, will once again result in the expectation that the Palestinians will accept a ceasefire or truce which in effect will grant all demands of Israel and return Gaza and the occupied territories to the status quo of blockade and occupation. At the end of the day it must be for public opinion to change the minds of governments in the West and to prevent ethnic cleansing to take place in Palestine. Israel has for far too long enjoyed a unique position in world politics whereby they can do no wrong and can defy United Nations resolutions and censure with complete impunity.

The civilised world will long regret any repetition of atrocities against civilians, similar to those as occurred in Lidice, occurring in the Middle East in the first part of the 21st-century.