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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Israel targets hospitals in their campaign of hatred against the Palestinians in Gaza.

Tanks 'shell Gaza hospital' killing four and wounding 30 medical staff

We had many nurses injured," said a nursing supervisor in the ER at Al Aqsa.

Palestinian patients sit in a hallway of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital .

Mark Regev claimed on Aljazeera yesterday, that this hospital and other hospitals in Gaza are being used as underground communication centres and storage facilities for Hamas rockets and are therefore legitimate military targets. Mark Regev is a spokesman for Benjamin Netanyahu.
The Israeli armed forces are carrying out what is in effect a genocide of Palestinian people, with almost 600 civilians killed in the past 2 weeks (and of which more than 100 were children), which Regev and the others seek to justify with the lies and distortions of, "protecting our people from the Hamas rockets raining down on our cities".

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's spokesperson Mark Regev

This is the third time that the armed forces of Israel have attacked Gaza, and on the two previous the resulting "cease fire" has seen only the continuation  of the occupation and the continued barbarity of the blockade. I have never witnessed, in all the history of Israeli incursions into Gaza, such ferocity and indiscriminate bombardment from Israeli tanks, warships, aircraft and infantry, used against the civilian population and schools, homes, civilian infrastructure and hospitals.
The Israeli's are intent on killing as many Palestinians as may be possible on the pretext of "the right to self defence" and western governments support that justification for the attempted murder of an entire nation. (a sinister echo from the Europe of 1930's and 1940's)
The Israelis' will not have their blood lust satisfied until they have eventually annexed all the land from the "Nile to the Euphrates", and they have little regard for any schools, hospitals or people they destroy in the process..