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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Welcome to Argos, part of Home Retail Group-Update.


Following the publication of details covering the first part this continuing saga,(this Blog 5th July), it seems that we are no further forward than we were last Friday. I had an exchange of Twitter messages on Friday afternoon, with “Argos Helpers” who listened to my explanation of events, offered much (and I am sure sincere) sympathy with my frustration and assured me that their delivery and installation contractor would telephone on Monday to make the necessary arrangements.(Readers may recall the exchange of telephone calls between me and Argos customer services on 4th July)
Yesterday, Monday 7th July, we eagerly awaited a call from the delivery people with news of our cooker and when we might be able to see physical evidence of its existence. At 5:00 pm, I finally lost patience and logged on to send another request to “Argos Helpers”. The Twitter exchange started with my
“Hi Tina. It is 5pm and still no call from your subcontractor. Argos should terminate him. I am very hacked off.”

The responses were quick but predictable.

“Hi. Sorry to hear that. We're looking into this for you now. - Drew”
“Hi John, I'm sorry you've not been contacted yet. I've tried to call the suppliers, however they're offices are now closed.”.
“I've sent an email to chase this up for you. I will also call again tomorrow if you've..”
“not heard from them in the mean time. -Clem “

Now if I were a cynical sort of person, I might consider that the fates are conspiring against us to permanently deprive us from obtaining the new cooker. However, it is more likely that the delivery and installation contractor has an inept management system which is incapable of arranging a simple exercise to deliver a cooker which has been gathering dust in his warehouse since 24th June.
There may also be an element of frustration on his part that he has to arrange an appointment in a small village surrounded by country lanes, some distance from any main road in Dorset, where there are few if any jobs to be done at the same time.

You may detect that I am not very happy and neither is my wife.