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Thursday, 3 July 2014

The paedophile network operating in and around Westminster

Lord Brittan issues statement on alleged Westminster paedophile ring

insists he investigated dossier handed to him in the 80s

The stories of the paedophiles at Westminster, the London locations for "parties", the MP's , the nobles and other establishment figures including a number of household name celebrities from show business and media involved, have been common knowledge for many years. The extent of the cover up and protection offered by the police and senior civil servants has also been common knowledge.
Perhaps now, with this latest revelation of files being "lost" or destroyed in at the Home Office, more people will demand that the truth and extent of theses crimes is put into the public domain.
The cover up continues and no doubt the crimes are still being perpetrated in other locations around the capital and elsewhere.

Elm Guest House in Barnes.

Those involved in the crimes and those responsible now and previously for the cover up must be identified and prosecuted in court.