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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sorry Archie. There is no "half way house"

We flinch, but there are degrees of paedophilia 


Archie Bland

A very warped analysis from Archie Bland who joined the Independent in 2008.
There are degrees of paedophilia he argues.
Its rather like saying that "there are degrees"of robbery, or rape, or assault or a hundred and one other crimes against the person. I am prepared to concede that there may be an argument for degrees of murder, crime of passion, diminished responsibility etc, but how do you measure degrees of paedophilia?
A ridiculous concept.A person is either a paedophilie or they are not. There is no half way house.
Archie Bland should find something more useful to do than to fill the pages of a national newspaper with complete drivel.