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Friday, 8 March 2013

A challenge to the political "status quo"?

 Ukip leader Nigel Farage accused of making threats in bid to win funding

Nigel Farage faces accusations from former Ukip MEPs


Right at the start, I do not support UKIP, nor am I ever likely to. Having established that fact, I find it noticeable that, again, the "establishment" propaganda machine has moved into action to rubbish and discredit a party or philosophy that is perceived as a threat to the "status quo" of the political club in this country. Traditionally, Conservative, Labour and the Liberals (aka Liberal Democrats) have occupied the benches of the Commons in varying combinations of numbers for over 50 years with little to choose between them, to the determent of the ordinary people of this country. Now, with the demise of the Liberal ingredient of the troika, there is a vacuum in the set up. Nature hates a vacuum. UKIP seems to have created a realignment on the right of the political spectrum, and indications are that they may achieve some gains in the coming elections. The "troika" are petrified at this possibility and, consequently, with their publicity machines, and their supporters will do everything possible to retain the comfort and perks of their positions in Parliament. Who knows how they will react when (if) there is a realignment of the left to contend with as well.