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Sunday, 10 March 2013

"They are no better than Tarts".

 Activists Show Fury At Nick Clegg Support For Secret Courts


nick clegg
Nick Clegg holds a Q&A session with party members
On the BBC News24 Programme "Hard Talk" yesterday (Saturday 9th March), Yasmin Alibhai-Brown admitted to voting for the Liberal Democrats at the last election, then went on to say that she had made the wrong decision and would "never vote for them again". 
Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

The reason for this change of heart was, as she put it, because the Liberals had supported Tory legislation that reneged on every principle, promise, undertaking  and pledge that Liberal Democrats had made during the election campaign and generally betrayed people in this country.They had, again in her words, become  "Tarts" in the political arena. I have argued previously that the way in which Clegg and Alexander behaved in their grubby bid for seats at the Cabinet table, then supported by the majority of the Liberal Democratic parliamentary party, was nothing more than sordid political opportunism by some LibDems, to grasp what had eluded them for over 60 years. The prospect of a place in government became altogether more important than retention of principle. Clegg took the lead and the lemmings of the parliamentary party followed. The parliamentary party mind you, not the "grass roots" Liberal Democrats. The Tory legislation supported by the junior partners of the Coalition, flowed onto the statute books amid criticism and protest. Now, the latest piece of anti democratic legislation, this time attacking the civil liberties of the British people has been passed by the commons, together with draconian changes to the benefits system. It is little wonder that "activists" at the Liberal Democrat party conference should be furious. Clegg and his parliamentary party have betrayed every principal that Liberal Democrats may have had, and have rightly earned the description of "Tarts".