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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Westminster Stakes.

Tory Leadership Challenge Hots Up

Theresa May: 4/1

Boris Johnson: 5/1

Michael Gove: 9/1

Philip  Hammond: 10/1

Adam Afriyie: 25/1
Liam Fox: 33/1

 What a motley collection of miscreants and malcontents, all apparently bidding for the position of Conservative Party leader and potential Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Not being a member or supporter of the Tory party, (or of the Labour party anymore), I suppose that I should not have an axe to grind one way or another, but as this person may at some time become the "leader" of the country, I do have more than a passing interest. If this is really the best that Torries have to offer, we shall just have to live in hope that there is a figure, a "dark horse" lurking in the shadows of Central Office, poised to gallop through the field and prevent the prize falling into disrepute (again). In fact, a Foinaven of Westminster.

They're Off !!