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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Liam Byrne, demanded that Labour MPs abstain, or hide in the toilet.


Workfare: Why did so many Labour MPs accept this attack on vulnerable people?

 Liam Byrne, demanded that Labour MPs abstain; sit on their hands, hide in the toilet, whatever.

We do not have many "Labour" MP's. We have a PLP dominated by the centre right opportunists who have sold out principle in exchange for position (shadow or otherwise) and a rump of Blairites who, in pursuit of popularity,  change their positions more often than their underwear.
The front bench

 The history of the Parliamentary Labour Party is littered with "disgraceful, grubby chapters" where working people and the poorest in society have been betrayed by the very party created to represent them. Most, but not all, of the PLP have reverted to being members of "the club" in the corridors, and bars, of Westminster where improving their position in the pecking order of politics is the most important consideration. During the 1970's and early 1980's there were those of us in the party (including some who have since sold out in order to to gain seats on the front bench), who argued and pressurised within the constituencies, the trade unions and the affiliated organisations, to make the party more accountable to itself and more representative of working people, the sick and unemployed and the poor, the traditional "working class" of British society. However, an orchestrated campaign of vilification dis information and untruths ensured that the advances made during the democratisation of the Labour Party, were reversed paving the way for Blair, Mandelson, Campbell and Brown and the disaster of New Labour. It should come as no surprise to anyone that the majority of the present PLP actively assist the government on so many issues either by abstaining or even voting in the government lobbies. The last Labour government failed to repeal anti trade union legislation. The last labour government actively encouraged privatisation in many areas.
This latest betrayal will ensure that even more people will turn away from the Labour party and either vote for another option (if there is one) or will simply not vote at all.