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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The first 12 months of New Agenda.

 One year on for New Agenda.


On the 6th March 2012, this “New Agenda” blog, first appeared on the internet, giving my personal views on news and events. The first entry was a rant about BT and the provision of lines and fibre optics to people, like me, who live in rural areas. The reason for the moan was that the internet connection that morning was very slow “...the Internet connection will only work in -1st gear” and that “........ I have to wait with bated breath for nearly 20 minutes for each stage of the connection”. Most frustrating as I was trying to publish the very first post on “New Agenda”. Well things have certainly changed since then. The broadband connection to this village has improved significantly.
After many months of trying, I was eventually able to obtain a MAC code from AOL, advise them that they were too expensive, their service was awful and that I was moving to a different provider.
Ironically, I moved to BT who now provide not only my telephone and unlimited Broadband connection but also the television box and “Freeview” connection. 


The BT Home Hub
In the 12 months since that first blog post, New Agenda has received over 12300 visits. The list of places where people read these posts, extends beyond the UK, and Jersey, to Europe, the United States, the Middle East and even as far as Australasia. A big “thank you” to all those visitors.

A wide audience

Over the coming moths, particularly in the light of unfolding events in the UK and beyond, “New Agenda” will continue to publish articles and reports on matters considered to be of “public interest” and invite comments and contributions from readers.
Here's to looking forward to the next year of New Agenda.