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Sunday, 24 March 2013

The reality of the "Olympic legacy"

After the Olympic glory, cash crisis hits athletics clubs

The legacy

The "Olympic legacy", was always nothing more than a myth, a mirage generated by the government and the myriad vested interests, all conspiring to sell the proposition that if we, the taxpayers, spent £ billions there would be long term benefits for public and sports facilities across the country. Anyone at the time or since, arguing that the Olympics were a waste of money, particularly at a period of national austerity, were labeled as killjoys, or worse, as the level of overspend on the project grew and grew out of control. The taxpayers in this country do not have an " Olympic legacy" other than the millstone of paying for the extravaganza for years to come, while the athlete's go back to trawling round the charities and local councils with the begging bowl.